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About Pacific Life

Pacific Life. Protect What You Love.

Watch for Pacific Life's commercials on network and cable television. Our newest ads "Softball" and "Sparklers" demonstrate that protecting what you love and growing your future with confidence is what matters most in life.

Pacific Life commercials will air during College Football season on ABC and ESPN2. Additionally, Pacific Life has a presence in golf events and our program lineup for network TV includes "NCIS New Orleans" (CBS), "Madam Secretary" (CBS), "Nightly News" (NBC), "World News" (ABC), "Evening News" (CBS), "The Kelly File" (Fox News Channel), "The Rachel Maddow Show" (MSNBC), "Sunday Morning News" (CBS), and "This Week" (ABC).

View our commercials below or on our YouTube channel.


  About Our Commercials  

"Softball" - A strong bond between father and daughter is shown through the perspective of the father, as he considers the importance of taking care of the next generation.

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"Sparklers" - At a family’s beachside gathering, a man reflects on the love and dedication passed down from his parents, while he hopes to do the same for the future of his children.

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"Chalk" - A man with his grandson comes across a special artwork that conjures up the notion and importance of financial planning.

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"Future Generations II" - A mother humpback whale pushes her calf to the ocean's surface for its first breath. Their journey together helps us realize that helping the next generation is one of the most important things we can do.

"Future Generations II"
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"Tail Slaps" - Humpback whales powerfully break through the water's surface by slapping their tails, slapping their pectoral fins, and by breaching. "Tail Slaps" debuted in September of 2008. This ad features the popular sports-themed "Pacific Life Fight Song."

"Tail Slaps"
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